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Open House – May 6th 2017

Discover the courses designed to get you started in game development, 3D animation and visual effects for film at AIE’s Open House.

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The Enragement Ring is a super physical spaceship combat game to challenge your friends. In it, players control one of four vessels in a sumo like arena where they use their ship as a battering ram to dominate the ring as last man standing. You can grind, warp, boost and slam your friends all over…

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Behold! Gravity Transport! This science fiction side-scroller was made by AIE Lafayette second year students Ricky Hammack, Dylan Guidry, Paul Chu, Tran Nguyen, Eric Mouledoux, and Chris Liamkeo! Gravity Transport is a game that sends the player on a daring mission into space using a new prototype weapon. The prototype weapon they are using isn’t…

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