Behold! Gravity Transport! This science fiction side-scroller was made by AIE Lafayette second year students Ricky Hammack, Dylan Guidry, Paul Chu, Tran Nguyen, Eric Mouledoux, and Chris Liamkeo!

Gravity Transport is a game that sends the player on a daring mission into space using a new prototype weapon. The prototype weapon they are using isn’t your typical, everyday weapon that you’re already familiar with – like in Star Trek, or Star Wars.

Gravity Transport’s main weapon manipulates the gravitational forces around a pod. The player is currently towing this very unstable weapon – the Gravity Well – because it is their mission. As the first person to use it, the player must perform a real-world combat test and determine how the galaxy can most effectively use it.

In the demo, the team has the player fight through six waves of enemies to face off against the enemy’s fleet boss on the seventh wave. To progress through the waves, the player uses the Gravity Well to redirect projectiles fired by the enemies back at them. As the player progresses through the waves, new enemies are introduced to the player. All enemies have unique abilities and actions. The boss wave will require the user to use the skills gained through playing to bob and weave out of enemy fire from not only the large boss ship, but the multiple smaller ships encountered earlier in the game.

If you’re interested in giving it a try, click the link below to download the game!


Dylan Playing Gravity Transport from AIE on Vimeo.