Career Development at AIE

“At the Academy of Interactive Entertainment, we work very hard at encouraging our students to build relationships with people in the industry. Relationships can make a difference when looking and applying for jobs. I am super thankful for all the people in the video game and animation communities that take the time to visit our campus, talk and mentor our students. By sharing each other’s experiences in the industry, the students can visualize their future and see themselves thriving in a competitive industry." – Cami Smith, Industry Relations

The Academy of Interactive Entertainment placement rate for the following programs (excluding our newly-launched program, Game Design & Production)

3D Animation & VFX for Film Placement Rate of 75%.

Game Art & Animation Placement Rate of 73%.

Game Programming Placement Rate of 80%.

There’s a lot of work that goes behind those percentages, extending beyond our experienced instructors and industry standard curriculum. Cami Smith, our driving force behind industry relations, and star career advisor for every student at AIE USA. Her role plays an integral part in the career development at AIE.

So how does she do it?

Cami understands that the interactive entertainment industries are driven by the power of community. Attending hundreds of events each year, one of Cami’s goals is to build partnerships with studios and developers on the local level and from around the world.

After all, she is the founder of AIE Seattle’s Lunchbox Wednesdays, a series of talks and Q&As from industry professionals in the animation and video game communities.

Throughout the year, Cami maintains those partnerships through recruiting and promotional efforts. Whether she’s hosting a career night with IGDA or setting up another Diversity Collective+ panel, her passion is connecting those partners to our students and alumni.

Cami works tirelessly with all students and alumni from both the Seattle and Lafayette campus. Whether it’s through resume building exercises, or portfolio review days with industry professionals, Cami can match the passion of our students and alumni, because helping them launch their dream into a career is her passion.

Cami Smith | AIE Industry Relations


Cami Smith is our specialist in Industry Relations and Student Placement. Encouraging our students to build relationships with people in the industry. Cami also enjoys cycling, kayaking and live music in her spare time.