Bring in the winter season with First Frost!

First Frost is a third-person perspective game about bringing winter back to a restless forest. As a snow sprite, you'll have to collect winter wisps scattered through the forest, running and jumping to traverse the landscape while hiding from and evading corrupted creatures. Every adventure will see the wisps in a new assortment of locations, and your safe hiding spaces may have moved!

First Frost was developed on the campus of AIE Lafayette as the major project for a group of 2020 graduates in the second year of their Advanced Diploma in Professional Game Development. The game was developed over 6 months by a team of 10 using the Unreal Engine.

“A challenge we encountered was making sure the team balanced our goals for the project to not overcomplicate the game and take away from the player experience,” said Lodis Perkins, Enemy AI Programmer on the project.

“The team solved this challenge by balancing the scope of the project to enhance the player’s artistic experience and allow for a better end product,” said Lodis.

The other members of the team include:

  • Alex English - Level design, Environment, Particle Effects
  • Devyn Ardoin - Environment Modeling, Texturing
  • Lucas Oliver - Animation
  • Nicholas Hutson - Lighting, Particle Effects, Unreal Blueprints
  • Sata Conner - Character, Environment Modeling, Audio Balance
  • Wyatt Belgard - Unreal implementation, Substance Designer
  • Steffan Mouton - Game State, Player Programmer
  • Jasper Doise - Audio FX

If you have a passion for games, then explore AIE’s programs in Game Art and Game Programming to bring your creative ideas to life!

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