All Patched Up a side-scrolling adventure game by AIE Students

All Patched Up is a side-scrolling adventure/platforming game staring a patchwork doll, Tack, leaving their dismal home behind, and meeting new plush pal friends along the journey that can help Tack traverse the dangerous environment.

Each plush friend has specific abilities that Tack can leverage to proceed in their journey. Fluffy, the springy fox can bounce you up to high places! Waxen, the trusty little elephant, can assist in putting out fires! Minky, the darling pink dragon, is waiting for you at the end to celebrate your success! Use their abilities to reach the goal!

All Patched Up was developed as the major project under Team Fire, a group of students in their second year of the Advanced Diploma of Professional Game Development and Associates of Occupational Studies here at AIE. The game was developed over the course of 16 weeks by a team of 6 using the Unreal Engine.

I learned the importance of getting feedback to improve as both an artist and team member. My favorite parts of the project were seeing the game come together and playing our game” said Jacob Raymond, Artist.

This was an experience that I will take with me moving forward in the industry. My favorite part of the project was getting the opportunity to collaborate with capable peers. It was truly a pleasure” said Brionna Franklin, Programmer.

The members of the team include:

  • Jacob Raymond – Environment, Props & Lighting
  • Mackenzie Box – Environment, Set Dressing, UI Drawings and Particle Systems
  • Jace Scott – Character Modeling and Animation
  • Zion Matthews – Programming for player and environment systems
  • Brionna Franklin – AI Programming
  • Brandon Johnson – Music/Audio

If you have a passion for games, then explore AIE’s programs in Game Art and Game Programming to bring your creative ideas to life!

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