Lafayette Campus Game Jam – November 8th

What is a game jam?

The goal of a game jam is to come together and make a game (be it a videogame, board game, card game…) Jammers quickly come up with new ideas, and make quick sketches of how they might work to prototype and playtest. Often jammers have a theme or central idea to work with. The brief time span will encourage creative thinking and hopefully innovative experimental games.

What is Lafayette campus game jam?

It is hoped that this event will bring together the Louisiana game development community, as Lafayette is centrally located.  Additionally, many AIE alums and students will partake as well!  Amateurs and professionals from the area – and beyond – are welcome to attend.

With this event we hope to stimulate and be a catalyst to the game and tech community in Louisiana.  We can have fun and inspire the next generation of game developers!

When is the GGJ NEXT jam?

This year the Academy of Interactive Entertainment will be hosting a Game Jam!  The AIE Lafayette Game Jam will be a 48-hour event, held on AIE’s campus during the weekend of November 8-10.


AIE Lafayette campus. Click here to see campus details.


The theme will be announced when the jam starts.


  • All games should follow the theme.
  • The majority of your game should be built during the jam.
  • If you use any assets you didn't make please make sure you have the rights to use it and list the creators in the credits.
  • Teams are allowed and encouraged!
  • Any engines are allowed, text only is allowed (like a game made in Twine).
  • Please include appropriate warnings for the content (NSFW, Sensitive Topics, etc)