Interviewing for game studios can be a daunting task. While everyone in the studio has probably worked together for a number of years, you’re the new guy (or girl!) that has wandered in with only a few minutes to impress everyone else.

Not only that, but in the past few years the industry has become more competitive than ever – focused more on quality, studios are hiring more and more talented artists, designers, and programmers now than before. The team at AIE has come together to give you a few tips and tricks for your next interview.

  1. Be prepared – Ask the studio if they’d like to see your samples during the interview. Artists are always required to bring their portfolio, and programmers should bring code they’ve written or any games they’ve worked on themselves. You have a much better chance of being hired if you adequately prepare yourself and your work. Personally, the team at AIE always asks that if you can’t bring us your portfolio in person, send us a PDF! It’s always a good idea to keep that handy on something portable during interviews.
  2. Don’t be overly critical of your last job – The last thing your future employers want to hear about is how awful your coworker Sally was and that she never did any efficient work. Cynicism and bitterness in a studio will drag down the team. Be critical, but keep them relevant and brief.
  3. Show that you want THIS job – Smile, and throw in a personal question or two. A “how was your week?” is always a great way to be impressionable. Research the company beforehand if you’re not familiar with their work, and show interest in their existing titles. If you are familiar with their work, be passionate! Be prepared to sell yourself. Tell them about your career accomplishments and prior experience related to the job. Take this as an opportunity to talk yourself up – but don’t overdo it!

These are just a few tips and tricks, so if you are still looking to find out more, please check out Naughty Dog’s recruiter Jack Coleman’s 10 Tips and Tricks article.

Most importantly, remember to relax!