Fast-track your career in Games and VFX for Film in Lafayette

Fast-track your future – applications for our January 2018  intake are now open.

AIE is current accepting students for it’s range of specialist, practical courses that are starting in January 2018 at AIE Lafayette. This is a great opportunity to kick-start your career in games and film and complete our 2 year program in 18 months. Applications are open for the following courses:

Intensive Program

Students in the January 2018 intake are able to complete the first year of the two year program in six months. This is done by studying five days per week, 9am to 6pm, rather than the usual two and a half days per week. By the end of June 2018, this group will have completed the first year’s worth of the course and can commence year two study with the cohort that commenced year one in August 2017. Both cohorts combine classes and resume normal two and a half days per week from August 2018.