3 Major Reasons Why Conventions and Conferences Are Important for Your Career

There’s something for everyone at any convention or conference, but why do so many industry people attend events like PAX and GDC (Game Developer’s Conference) every year?

1. Limitless Opportunities

By going to conventions and conferences, you will have so many opportunities to make friends, connections, and people that may want to join you on collaborative efforts. It’s how teams get formed, get industry jobs, and make a reputation for themselves the way they intend. Artists bring their portfolios, and some just bring their business cards. You never know who you will meet, so it’s good to carry the essentials of what you are all about.

2. Knowledge you won’t find anywhere else.

You’re not only attending for fun, but to learn from others. The biggest part of both conventions and conferences are the panels. You can find a ton of information and meet new people that align with your specific interests in the industry. Like virtual reality? Go to a virtual reality panel. Want to join the advocacy for the video game or animation LGBTQ community? Check out panels on diversity. Make sure to bring a notebook before you head to a convention or conference!

3 Major Reasons Why Conventions and Conferences Are Important to Your Career - AIE

3. Showcase your brand face-to-face.

While you have more control and freedom to showcase your art, video game or film online, you could be missing out on an opportunity that you just can’t replicate from a face-to-face interaction. If you plan far enough in advance, you can connect what you’re doing on your social media platforms to what you plan on doing at the convention.

Either way, you’ll want to set your goals in place before you dive into attending conventions and conferences. Don’t have a brand yet? Maybe you’re not sure about showcasing your art at an Artist Alley yet. Just attend a conference and convention for fun and think about how you’d like to approach next year with your game, art, or film.

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