Senior Management

John De Margheriti

Chairman and CEO

John De Margheriti | Academy of Interactive EntertainmentJohn is a true entrepreneur, visionary and one of the most motivated and passionate people in the Australian game development industry. After co-founding Micro Forté Pty Ltd in 1985 (a veteran Australian game development studio), John set out to establish a training institution that would specialise in supplying industry ready artists, programmers and developers for the creative digital industries.

John did this by establishing the Academy of Interactive Entertainment as a not for profit educator in 1996. The campus was strategically co-sited with Micro Forté Pty Ltd and has been producing top quality, industry ready graduates ever since!

Today, AIE has five campuses in Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney, Seattle, Lafayette and Online. The AIE has gained much recognition as a leading educator for game development and 3D animation.

Johns is also the founder and Chairman of Canberra Technology Park (CTP), the Australian Game Developers Conference(AGDC), and BigWorld Pty Ltd (a Massively Multiplayer Online game middleware company).

John also founded the Game Developers Association of Australia (GDAA) at the inaugural AGDC in 1999, and acted as one of its main financial backers and treasurer until late 2005 when he resigned from the board to focus his energies on expanding BigWorld Pty Ltd. In December 2005, John also announced the closing of AGDC, Australia’s most successful and well known Game Developers Conference to provide the GDAA an opportunity to run an industry conference.

Vicki De Margheriti


Vicki De Margheriti | Academy of Interactive EntertainmentVicki has over 25 years experience managing companies and facilitating business and industry growth in the games development, 3D animation and visual FX industries. She is the CEO of the Academy of Interactive Entertainment Ltd (AIE) and has been involved in the operations and strategic planning of all of its business units, including Canberra Technology Park (CTP), as a Director and Co-founder since its inception.

Vicki is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and has been a Director on the board of games studio Micro Forté Pty Ltd and middleware developer BigWorld Pty Ltd. Vicki believes in equipping people with the skills, knowledge and confidence to follow their dreams. She thrives on providing a fun, creative and motivating work environment that is conducive to learning and allowing staff and students to achieve their full potential.

Vicki has seen the AIE grow from a single classroom in partnership with CIT in 1996, to an international success with campuses in Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Seattle, Lafayette and Online. She looks forward to managing AIE’s future expansion plans and its ongoing contributions to facilitate industry growth in Australia and abroad.

Vicki Templet, Ed.D.

Head of School – Lafayette

Vicki Templet | AIE Head of School Lafayette CampusDr. Vicki Templet is an experienced educator with a career spanning since 2003. Her approach emphasizes the strategic use of data to inform decisions and improve educational programs. She is dedicated to advancing teaching and learning through innovative methods, particularly in creating inclusive and supportive environments.

Originally from Louisiana, Dr. Templet holds a Doctorate and Master’s degree in Education Foundations and Leadership from Southeastern Louisiana University, and a Bachelor of Science degree in education from Louisiana State University. Her academic background underscores her commitment to educational excellence.

Dr. Templet strongly believes in providing all students with high-quality educational opportunities that prepare them for success in their chosen careers. Her advocacy for inclusive education underscores her dedication to ensuring that every student reaches their full potential.