Student Films

Check out the films made by students at AIE from our campuses in Seattle, Lafayette, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide and Online!

longing For Leggings 

Longing for Leggings is a hilarious animated fantasy short film created by Lafayette's 3D Animation & VFX for Film class of 2019.

Film Crew:

  • Adam Folse - Teacher, Project Manager, Character Rigging
  • Taylor Dominigue - Character Animator, Character Modeler
  • Kat LeBleu - 2D Sequence Artist, Environment Artist, Character Concept Artist
  • Denise Maldonado - Storyboarder, Environment Concept Artist, Shot Wrangler
  • David Passafume - Character Rigging, Environment Layout and Rendering
  • Jonathan Sturm - Special Effects, Clothing Simulation, Prop Artist
  • Victoria Wheeler - Character Modeler, Animator, Storyboard and Concept Artist

Created by AIE Lafayette

Suck It

When a dated cleaning robot is outshined and frustrated by a more advanced model, he must keep up with the new pace in fear of losing his beloved job.

Winner of Best Production Design, Tropfest 2019

Film Crew:

  • Claire Worsman - Director, Rigger and Animator
  • Alex Annetta - Modelling, Texturing and Sound Design
  • Megan Leach - Concept Artist, Previs Animator and Lead Animator
  • Zac Rae - Modelling, Texturing and Lighting
  • Ben Hart - Producer and Generalist
  • Cameron Rogers - Compositor
  • Dylan Smith - FX

Created by AIE Sydney

Night Shift

When the boogeyman comes to visit, the last thing he expected was to be the one being haunted.

Film Crew:

  • Emily Pisani - Production Coordinator, Small Asset Texturing
  • Rafael Capricho - Animation, Rigging
  • Amanda Mak - Animation, Rigging
  • Jacqueline Tse - Grooming, Modelling, Texturing
  • Ali Aljuboury - Lighting, Surfacing, Look Development
  • Brendan Lu - Modelling, Texturing
  • Damien England - Compositing

Created by AIE Sydney

Cleaning Time

Stanley is a very driven robot and will stop at nothing to clean his lab, and the entire world.

Film Crew:

  • Eden Fletcher - Rigger, TD
  • Emily Pisani - Matchmove
  • Milan Kruger - Producer, Art Director, TD
  • Aleczander Zanardo - Texturing, Modeling
  • Kyle O’Neill - Animation, Generalist
  • Reece Mulley - Compositing, VFX
  • Duncan Irvine - Animation, Modeling
  • Kane Hibble - Modeling, Lighting, Texturing

Created by AIE Sydney

Follow You

This music video was created by Advanced Diploma of Screen and Media students in collaboration with musician Joshua McConnell.

Film Crew:

  • Jacinta Joe - Concept Art, Rigging, Animation
  • Lily Aika O'Toole - Storyboards, Environment Modelling, Matte Painting
  • Chrysa Kipourou - Character Artist, Cloth Simulation
  • John Nehemiah Mayer - Simulation, Effects
  • Jack Hubbard - Motion Graphics, Environment