Women in Games & VFX: AIE Alumni Share Their Journey Into The Industry!

Dive into the dynamic world of gaming with our exclusive livestream event, showcasing two powerhouse talents from the prestigious AIE Alumni community! Join us as we welcome Audrey Meyers, the Associate VFX artist at Wizards of the Coast, and Autumn Wyndefyre, the VFX Generalist at Troubled Muse Studios, for an exhilarating discussion on their journeys, experiences, and insights in the games and visual effects industries.

Audrey Meyers brings her expertise from crafting captivating visual effects for iconic titles at Wizards of the Coast, immersing players in fantastical realms and adventures. Meanwhile, Autumn Wyndefyre, with her role as a VFX Generalist at Troubled Muse Studios, shapes unforgettable visuals through her creative prowess.

Audrey and Autumn have stories that are sure to inspire and empower. Whether you're a seasoned professional, aspiring game developer or visual effects artist, this livestream promises a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes magic where passion meets pixels!

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